When done well, a high-performance façade can have as much bearing on the performance and comfort of a building as any other design element. So why aren’t they fnding their way into every project? Sean McGowan dives in to the issues of façades and air tightness with a panel of local industry leaders, including Atelier Ten director Paul Stoller, M.AIRAH; Inhabit Group principalDarren O’Dea; Grün Consulting principal consultant Clare Parry, M.AIRAH; Arup principal Haico Schepers; and Cundall director Caimin McCabe, M.AIRAH.

We are bombarded with messages about what sustainability is, and the vast array of tools and ratings is confusing to clients. There is a mixture of valid, responsible approaches and greenwash. The result is that most don’t really know what they want and there’s even a bit of sustainability “fatigue”.

Regarding façades, the split incentive between capital investment and tenant benefits creates perverse outcomes.
There needs to be a shift in recognising the value of great façades and highperformance buildings at all market levels.

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