In this podcast by Undercover Architect, Clare Parry answers some questions about the relevance of the Passive House standard in Australia.

With a lifelong interest in best practice building design, involving a holistic approach to achieve sustainable measures and provide a better option in the longer term, both for the client and the environment. 

In this podcast…

In this podcast, Amelia asks Clare the following questions:

  • What made you become interested in Passive House?
  • You’ve worked for some time  (and continue to work) as a sustainability consultant in a range of accreditation systems like LEED, Greenstar, WELL, etc. How does Passive House sit in relation to this?
  • You founded the Australian Passive House Association (APHA) in 2011. What compelled you to do that?
  • What’s the APHA’s role?
  • You are performing the role of Building Certifier on the Owl Woods Passive House project. Can you describe what’s involved in that?
  • I read an article of yours on Linkedin … where you spoke about industry talking about the difficulty of getting the consumer engaged in the idea of sustainability. You said “The issue is not actually about engagement. That implies that people are choosing alternatives when the options are on the table, but the truth is they really have no idea what’s possible.” And then you spoke about our responsibility to educate – which is what Undercover Architect is all about. How would you like to see homeowners going about really moving the needle on Passive House and its adoption in Australia? What would you tell them to do to feel more confident to pursue this for their projects when opposition might be budget, or it being too hard, etc?
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