Bellbrae – EnerPHit House

Bellbrae, Victoria

Designed and constructed by Aphi Projects, the Bellbrae House targeted best practice outcomes from early design and was one of the first collaborations between Aphi and Grün. Not reliant on thermal mass and solar passive design, the existing lightweight construction was ideally suited to the Passive House model. The thermal envelope has been significantly improved with the introduction of external wood fibre thermal insulation, with careful consideration to nearly eliminate thermal bridges. Phase change material and intelligent membranes complete the hard-working envelope concept. Heat recovery ventilation delivers fresh, filtered air with minimal energy consumption, and beautiful timber triple glazed windows and doors complete the high-performance façade. The Bellbrae project was the first certified EnerPHit house in Australia, and one of the first certified projects, nationally, under the Passivhaus umbrella.

Website: Aphi Projects