The Bendigo Soldiers’ Memorial Institute

Bendigo, Victoria

The Bendigo Soldiers’ Memorial Institute consists of a new gallery extension to Bendigo’s historic Insitute building. The new gallery will be suitable for showing sensitive and high-value items borrowed from the national collections, and thus museum-quality environmental control standards are required 24-hours a day.  To deliver these conditions, the architect, Lovell Chen, proposed Passivhaus principles to achieve this, for the client, the City of Greater Bendigo.

The Institute building dates from 1921 and was designed by local architect George Dawson Garvin. Various additions had been made over the years and have been removed as part of the current project. Conservation works to the main building include render, plaster and roof repairs, and underpinning —    the Institute sits on a compacted mullock heap, above old mineshafts.

Architect: Lovell Chen