Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship
Timeframe Completed 2017
Gross Internal Floor Area TBA m²
Capacity/Number of Buildings TBA %
Cost TBA
Architect Lovell Chen
Scope ESD, Passivhaus etc.


Heating Demand TBA (kWh/m²a)
Heat Load TBA (W/m²)
Frequency of Overheating TBA %
Climate Zone Warm Temperate
Airtightness at 50pa TBA (ach)
Primary Energy Demand TBA (kWh/m²a)

The Project

The building for the Wade Institute for Entrepreneurship will provide a custom-designed space for teaching entrepreneurs. The building is innovative in its approach to teaching and learning, how it is structurally realised and the manner in which it achieves an energy-efficient outcome. Environmentally, the building will be built to German Passivhaus standards, so that it will require virtually no artificial heating or cooling.

Through its design, construction and relationship to the environment, this building aims to stimulate and inspire the creativity of a new generation of entrepreneurs.

More information on the Wade Institute can be found at the Wade Institute’s website. More information on the project specifics can be found on Lovell Chen’s website