Creating a better built environment

Our passion is building performance, for the benefit of the occupants and the environment. We pursue healthy, comfortable and energy efficient buildings and promote the use of the Passivhaus standard as best practice.

Grün exists to create a better built environment.

We want to be partners in the process to realising inspiring projects, and to contribute in the evolution of the sustainable built environment. We don’t want to be consultants who operate at arm’s length on other people’s work. We seek personal and professional growth by virtue of what we engage in. We want to better the world – we live here too.

Grün seeks to operate with purpose. Our mantra is to combine and conquer. Partnerships and collaboration are the future of our business. We don’t have financial models, charts or graphs to project our future. We like that it isn’t planned. We seek great projects where we are fairly compensated, but also where we have an opportunity to explore what’s possible.

Grün was created from opportunity and with opportunity in mind; we see our processes as an evolution and will seek to do better on every project. It’s not just for us. but for those we work with and deliver projects for.

In 2017 Grün Consulting entered into a closer relationship with Inhabit, a design-led engineering company specialised in facades, but also offering services relating to the whole building including Building Physics, Sustainability, Acoustics, Lighting and Logistics. Together, Grün Consulting and Inhabit offer consultancy across the building lifecycle from concept and schematic design to tendering and construction. More information …

Meet the Team

Clare Parry

Clare Parry


Clare has had a lifelong interest in best practice building design, involving a holistic approach to achieve sustainable measures and provide a better option in the longer term, both for the client & the environment. Her focus is on building performance, and she works extensively with the Passivhaus standard. Her work as a sustainability consultant and mechanical engineer has involved experience as a Certified Passivhaus Designer, Trainer and Building Certifier, LEED AP, Green Star AP, WELL AP, NABERS and CBD Assessor.

In 2011 Clare founded the Australian Passive House Association and has been involved as a Director until late 2017. She is one of the first Certified Passivhaus Designers in Australia, and one of only two Passivhaus Certifiers. She is a certified Passivhaus trainer as well and you can often see her speak at national and international conferences.

Danial Nordinson

Danial Nordinson

Senior Building Physics and Sustainability Engineer

Danial has over 10 years of experience in sustainable design, playing a key role in a number of Green Star projects in the education, office and retail sectors. Danial takes a holistic approach to deliver projects that aspire to meet the highest environmental targets. He strives to ensure ESD initiatives incorporated at project conception and early design are followed through during construction and building occupancy.

Danial is passionate about designing for excellent indoor environment quality and buildings that achieve good energy outcomes without sacrificing occupant health and wellbeing. His understanding of building physics, experience in assessing comfort, and proficiency in various energy and environmental modelling tools allows him to provide practical and sound advice for the job.

Marcus Strang

Marcus Strang

Sustainability Engineer

Marcus has followed his passion for combining architecture, engineering and technology to produce high-performance buildings for future generations. As a PhD candidate researching pathways to net-zero energy for tall timber buildings in Australia, a board member of the Australian Passive House Association leading the technical working group and as a Certified Passivhaus Designer, he has accrued experience across leading sustainability projects.

Marcus specialises in Passivhaus design, to which he sees as a fundamental intermediate step for striving towards net-positive energy buildings and a thriving vibrant society. 

Daniela Tartaglia

Daniela Tartaglia

Sustainability Consultant

Daniela is an Environmental Engineer with a keen interest in high-efficiency buildings, including Net Zero Carbon and Passivhaus. Daniela’s experience includes work as part of Monash University’s Engineering and Sustainability team, embedding sustainability in new works and developing business cases for new initiatives with broad holistic ecological impact.

She is keenly interested in urban food growth and sustainable cities, and speaks fluent Italian. Her expertise includes Passivhaus, the WELL Building Standard, Green Star and thermal modelling.

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